Hourly Rounding (1 CEU)

· November 23, 2014

Hourly rounding is a systematic, proactive, evidence-based nursing practice of regularly checking on patients’ needs in an hourly basis using the 5 Ps with the promise to return in 1 hour. The process involves a staff member (either a nurse or nursing assistant), physically entering a patient’s room to anticipate and address patient’s needs. Most hourly rounding occurs every hour during the day shift and every two hours on the night shift. A nurse and nursing assistant collaborate on implementation of hourly rounding rotation between even and odd hours.

The focus of hourly rounding is to ensure fundamental care needs of patients are met by assessing key concepts;pain management; addressing elimination needs; offering nourishment; and ensuring applicable musculoskeletal needs are met, such as ambulation, range of motion, or proper positioning.  Nursing staff members use a scripted checklist to ensure everyone asks the same questions and place a checkmark next to the patient name at each rounding time addressing the 5 p’s; pain, position, potty, prevention from falls, and placement of environmental items and personal belongings


Learning Objectives and Purpose

The purpose of this one contact hour course is to introduce the concept of hourly rounding to nurse assistants as an effective fall prevention strategy. By the end of this course, the nurse assistant will be able to;

1. Describe the concept of hourly rounding as a fall prevention measure.

2. Demonstrate understanding of what  the 5P’s are

3. Discuss the outcome impact of hourly rounding on fall prevention

4. Discuss benefits of Proactive Patient Rounding for patients and staff

5. Demonstrate an understanding on how to do hourly rounding


Instructions for taking the course

To complete the course successfully, you must go through all the lessons below. You MUST mark each lesson as complete by clicking the MARK COMPLETE BUTTON. If you do not click the mark complete button, you will not be allowed to proceed to the next lesson. Please notice that all lessons have a minimum set amount of time that you are expected to spend on each lesson. You will not be allowed to Mark the Lesson Complete until the timer resets to zero; that is, until the minimum time set for the course has passed. For example if lesson A has an allocated minimum time of 10 minutes, you will have to wait 10 minutes before you can mark Lesson A complete. The Mark Complete button for lesson A will be grayed out and will not become active until 10 minutes are over.

WARNINGIf you forget to click the Mark Complete button done, you will be prompted to go back to that lesson again and have to wait till the allocated timed minutes resets to zero again before the Mark Complete button becomes active. After all lessons are completed and they are Marked Completed, you will then be allowed to take the post test. If you successfully pass the quiz, you will earn CEU’s for this course and you can proceed to print out your certificate.


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