Skin Disorders (1 CEU)

· August 3, 2021

Skin is very important barrier and a break in the skin can create an entry port for infection. Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is a clinical manifestation of moisture-associated skin damage and is a common problem in patients with fecal or urinary incontinence (Gray et al, 2007). IAD presents clinically as skin redness with or without blistering, skin erosion or loss of skin barrier function (Junkin and Selekof, 2007). Skin lesions are characterized by erosion of the epidermis and a macerated appearance of the skin (Gray et al, 2007). Older patients, especially those in long term care facilities, are at increased risk of developing IAD

CNAs have an important role to monitor the skin of their patients to prevent incontinence associated dermatitis. Frequent toileting/diaper changes-can prevent incontinence associated dermatitis. CNA’s should report any new skin breakdown to their nurse or supervisor.

At the end of this course, the CNA/HHA will be able to;

  1. Will be able to define a skin lesion
  2. Will be able to recognize common skin disorders such as Skin Lesions, Abrasions and Acne
  3. Understand the common causes of a skin lesions
  4. Be able to recognize different types of skin lesions
  5. Understand incontinence associated dermatitis and how it can be prevented
  6. Understand what contact dermatitis is and know how it can be prevented

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