The Aging Process (1 CEU)

· January 25, 2019

With baby boomers living longer, Nurse Assistants are more likely to work with older adults in a Nursing home, acute hospitals or Assisted Living Facilities. Despite stereotypes, most of the older adults age well. Normal aging is associated with a reduction in functional reserve capacity in tissues and organs. At an advanced age, it is more common to see evidence of impaired homeostasis and response to external insults like illness or inflammation. Unfortunately, most older adults in advanced age will be ridden by chronic diseases.


Learning Objectives

After finishing this course, the Nurse Assistant will be able to;

  • Identify the definition of aging.
  • Identify body system changes caused by the aging process.
  • Identify acute and chronic diseases that are common in older adults.
  • Identify health issues that affect the elderly.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge concerning various aspects of the normal aging process.
  • Be able to challenge myths and misconceptions about old age.
  • Have a positive aging approach for Nurse Assistants as they meet an older person
  • Be able to identify the difference between normal aging and the diseases of aging.


Instructions for taking the course

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