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The power of teamwork (1 CEU)

March 2, 2021

A subject of a number of studies, teamwork has been associated with a higher level of job staff satisfaction, a higher quality of care, an increase in patient safety, greater patient satisfaction with their care, more productivity, falls reductions, and a decreased stress level which leads to low turnover and high staff retention. Many hospitals administrators and managers have long realized that promoting teamwork and good communication among health professionals can dramatically improve healthcare delivery, resulting in much better outcomes for their patients.

The United States is a “melting pot” of different cultures. California for example, is known for its diversity. If you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, your co-workers may have a different language, place of origin, religion, and customs that are very different from your own. But even with such diversity, it is possible to create an effective team working together with clear common goals. The benefits of teamwork in healthcare are indisputable. The results? Effective teamwork reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers, reduces falls, improves outcomes after surgery, significantly reduces medical errors, and more.


Learning objectives:

1. To understand why teamwork is at the very core of successful healthcare.

2. To learn the specific qualities of being a good team member.

3. To understand your individual role in making the team successful.

4. To learn why you’re an important factor in your team’s success.


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